4G is coming


We've been investing in our 3G network, upgrading sites to improve your data experience right across the country.

Faster speeds, stronger signal, better picture quality.

Simply put, this means that with O2, you'll now see a stronger 3G signal indoor and on the move, giving you significantly improved data speeds on your existing 3G plan in more places than ever before.

We are well progressed in readying our network for 4G and as part of that we are showcasing 4G services across an extensive area of Dublin city centre, as well as in Cork city and Galway city so come in and see for yourself in Grafton St and Henry St in Dublin, Patrick St in Cork and at our Shop St store in Galway.

4th Generation mobile network

4G stands for '4th Generation' mobile networks (and is sometimes referred to as LTE, or Long Term Evolution). It's designed to keep you moving forward, with much faster data speeds. It will deliver faster upload and download. No more lagging or freezing with video calling or streaming, plus there's great picture quality as you see it all in HD. And all when you're on the go.

Why not call into one of our 4G stores or contact your Business Account Manager to find out more.

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