Getting clued up

Today, children and teenagers tend to know more about mobiles, the internet and social media than adults. Texting, tweeting and downloading are part of their everyday life. So to help them enjoy it safely, we all need to be as clued up as they are. That’s why we’ve created this guide. We're here to help adults understand what children really do on their mobiles and the internet. And it’s also to help you talk to your children openly about the risks, so they know how to protect themselves.

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Mobile phones

Tips to keep your child and their mobile safe.
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Paying for extras

Teach your child about small print before they enter a competition.
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Personal details

Does your child know not to broadcast their house party on Facebook?
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A text isn’t always one to one, it can spread to many people.
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The internet

Put measures in place to keep your child safe when using their mobile.
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Know the difference between legal and illegal downloading.
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Make sure your kids understand not to talk to strangers online.
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Nuisance calls and texts

From annoying spam to serious scams, stop and report it.
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