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Phones & Devices

Need to know more about your phone?

Just search for your phone by name or model number below to access a wide range of information specific to your own mobile, and if there is anything you're not sure about feel free to 'Ask a question' on our Community.
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Codes for your phone.
How to Pay Your Bill

Online Payments:

Just click here to pay online (login required)

Direct Debit:

Download a direct debit mandate form.

Bank Giro:

Fill in the Giro slip on the bottom of your bill and pay at any bank / post office.

Bank payments:

Bank of Ireland, AIB or Permanent TSB customers can pay on their online bank websites / apps or at their banks ATM machines.

By Phone:

Call 1909 and use our automated service to pay by Credit / Laser / Visa Debit etc.

By Post:

Fill in the Giro slip on the bottom of your bill and post it along with a cheque to:
O2 Ireland, PO Box 1909, Kilrush, Co.Clare.
Bill charges explained?
You can see an overview of any charges on the first page of your bill.

The charges are divided in to five sections:
- Your charges
- Your discounts and credits
- What you’ve used
- Total before VAT
- Your total bill amount.

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How to check Upgrade Eligibilty?

You can check upgrade eligibility in the Online Shop.

Choose a phone and click 'Get Price'.
A pop up window will open for you.
Open the 'Bill Pay' dropdown menu.
Choose 'Upgrade My Phone'.
Enter log in details if asked & click 'Login'.

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How to check my Current Balance?

The 'balance' on your bill is the total amount that needs to be paid.
After logging into My Account you'll see your 'Current Balance' near the top of the page.

You have the option of paying your bill online from within My Account as well. On your printed bill the balance appears after the text 'Your total bill amount is:'

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If your query is not answered here you can always check out our Billing FAQs, or 'Ask a Question' on our Community.
Prepay Queries
Topping Up has never been easier.
You can top up by phone, online or SMS anytime.

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Change Price Plan:

You can change your price plan by text.

• Send TALK to 50272 to join Freedom Talk.
• Send TEXT to 50272 to join Freedom Text.
• Send O2TOO2 to 50272 to join Freedom O2 to O2.
• Send INTERNET to 50272 to join Freedom Internet.
• Send INTALK to 50272 to join Freedom International.

Make sure you wait until you get a confirmation
text before you top up to activate your change.

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How to buy Text, Minute or Data Bundles

You can buy a text, minute or data bundle by dialling *105# on your phone and pressing call. You can then follow the prompts to add a bundle to your account.

Once you buy a bundle you can keep track of your usage by dialling *106# and pressing call.

Click here to view all available bundles.

Why is my Credit Being Used?

The following can result in credit usage:
- Adding a recurring bundle.
- Failing to activate free services.
- Using data without a data bundle.
- Failing to activate plan changes.
- International numbers, Directory Enquiries or Premium Numbers
- Roaming; your free services can’t be used while you’re roaming.

Click here for more information on all types of credit use.

Why my Top Up Didn’t Apply?
Dial *100# on your mobile to check if your credit balance has increased, if not:

1: Log in to My Account, click Top Up History to check recent top ups.
2: If you topped up with a voucher try using the voucher again.
3: If you topped up online or at an ATM check your bank balance.

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If your query is not answered here you can always check out our Prepay FAQs, or 'Ask a Question' on our Community.
Internet On Your Phone
The internet in your hands.

Mobile Internet Costs
If you are on an older plan which doesn’t include an Internet allowance you’ll be charged €1 per day for any usage up to 50MB.
If you use more than 50MB you’ll be charged €1 for every additional MB used.
If you plan on using the Internet on your phone we recommend buying an add on instead.

Bill Pay Add Ons
If you’d like to purchase an Internet Add On, contact the O2 Forum.
They’ll look at your usage and recommend the best option for you.

Prepay Add Ons
If you’d like to purchase an Internet Add On, just dial *105# on your mobile and follow these instructions.

The cost of the add on will be taken from your credit every 7 or 30 days, depending on the add on you buy.
Mobile Internet Access Issues.

First make sure your settings are correct.
Prepay customer:
Check your credit / data bundles.
Issue with one site:
The site may be down - try again later.
Move to another area and reload page.
Sim Issues:
You can get a SIM replacement from any O2 Store.

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Mobile Internet Settings.
If you are using an Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows phone you can easily enter settings manually.

Click here to see an overview of the settings or find your phone in the Phone Support Centre to see specific instructions.

Non-Smartphones: Click here and enter your mobile number and send the settings to your phone via text.
How much data have I used?

Prepay customers can check their allowance usage by dialling *113# from their mobile, or by texting USAGE to 50231 if you have a Prepay Data Bundle.

Bill Pay customers can dial *111# from their mobile or check their usage in My Account.
Just click 'Details Since Last Bill' and then 'Inclusive Units'.

Confused by data? Find out more about your data usage needs with our Data Calculator.

If your query is not answered here you can always check out our Mobile Internet FAQs, or 'Ask a Question' on our Community.
Mobile Broadband
Broadband in your pocket.

Prepay Broadband
First buy a pass by logging into 'My Account' and clicking 'Choose Pass'. There are 3 pass durations to choose from ( 24Hr, 7Day, 30Day ). Just select the pass duration you need and it will enable internet access for that period of time.

Bill Pay Broadband
All our plans come with 15GB of data / month included. Using more than this amount will incur additional charges.
You can avoid this however. Track your usage by clicking either 'View Broadband Usage' or 'Details Since Last Bill' in 'My Account' to see what you have used.

Check Broadband Coverage.
You can check coverage in our area by using our coverage maps.

Just enter your address to see what coverage is like in your area.

If you find that we don't have broadband coverage in your area you can request it.
Locate your area, then tick the Request Coverage box and click on the map and fill in your details.
Speed Issues.
If you think your Broadband is slower than usual you can try changing your connection type.
This will let you see if a certain connection type is faster and you can use this connection in future.

Click here for instructions on changing your connection type.
Other Issues / Errors.
If your query is not answered here you can always check out our Broadband FAQs, or 'Ask a Question' on our Community.

How do I buy insurance?

You can add insurance through My Account.
Just click Extra Services and then Activate under
the level of cover you need.

Insurance is only available to Bill Pay customers.

What insurance policies are available?

Click the name of each policy for more information.

- Phonecover Insurance
- Phonecover Insurance Extra
- iPhone Standard insurance
- iPhone Damage Insurance
- Phonecover iPhone Insurance

Make an Insurance claim
To make a claim start by downloading a claims form available here.

You must contact also O2 and the Gardai within 24 hours to report your phone as lost or stolen. O2 can block your SIM and phone immediately to prevent misuse.
If the claim is for accidental damage you will not need a Garda reference number or a Garda signature.

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Insurance Benefits
Insuring your phone will allow you to get a replacement phone if yours is lost, stolen or damaged.

Our policies cover:
- Accidental damage including water damage.
- Provision of loan phone if your phone is being replaced.
- Lost or stolen policies cover you regardless of where the incident occurred.
- Covers airtime of up to €1,500.
- Covers accessories up to €130.
Cancel Insurance Cover
If you added insurance through 'My Account' you can also remove it from here.

If you bought insurance in store, over the phone or on the Online Shop you can contact the O2 Forum to cancel or change your insurance.
If your query is not answered here you can always check out our Insurance FAQs, or 'Ask a Question' on our Community.
Is your phone getting a good network signal?

Do I have coverage issues?

Many issues can present as a coverage problem.
A software reset may be required; restart your phone.
Your network selection may be set to manual; reset to auto or manually select the O2 network.
If your phone was reported stolen your account may be suspended.

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Text messages & coverage issues.

Check the following before reporting text / coverage issues:

If you’re a Prepay customer make sure you have enough credit.
Check that your Message Centre Number is +353868002000.
If your SIM doesn’t work in another phone, try getting a free SIM replacement from any O2 Store.

Can I report coverage issues?

Yes, just log onto our Community and let us know.
You can also Contact Us via phone or email.

When reporting an issue please include the specific address of the affected area, the mobile number(s) of affected users as well as the time / duration of the issue as well as details of the checks carried out to rule out device / SIM issues.

If your query is not answered here you can always check out our Coverage FAQs, or 'Ask a Question' on our Community.

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