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EU Data Pass

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Frequently asked questions

What is roaming?

Roaming with your phone means using it outside of the country. You can use your phone the same way you do at home, with an additional cost as you are temporarily using another provider's network.

Roaming rates are now lower than ever and with roaming bundles from O2, there's one to suit your needs.

I'm a prepay customer, how do I top up while I'm roaming?

You can top up online through our Instant Top Up service.

Anyone can use this service to top up an O2 number, even if they aren't an O2 customer.

You just need the number you want to top up and a valid Credit or Debit Card.

You can also call 1749 or 00 353 42 9363779 to top up using your Credit or Debit Card.

If you have registered for Text Top Up you can also use this service to top up abroad.

AIB customers can text TOPUP 20 to 50131 (to top up by €20) or TOPUP 30 to 50131 (to top up by €30) etc.

Bank of Ireland customers can text TU 20 to 50365 (to top up by €20) or TU 30 to 50365 (to top up by €30) etc.

Permanent TSB customers can text TOPUP 20 to 50309 (to top up by €20) or TOPUP 30 to 50309 (to top up by €30) etc.

Can I use data while roaming?

Yes, you can use data while roaming but you will be charged for all data use. You can't use your inclusive data while abroad.

The Data Roaming Cap will keep track of your data use and cap your spend when you reach a certain limit. It's then up to you if you want to continue using data or not.

Click here for information on the Bill Pay Data Roaming Cap or the Prepay Data Roaming Cap.

You can also buy an EU Data Pass which gives you 50MB of data per day in the EU and costs €2 (Inc. VAT).

What do I do if I'm having trouble roaming?

There are a number of things you can try if you are having trouble roaming.

Click here for our roaming troubleshooting guide.

If you can't get signal while roaming you should try manually selecting a network.

This will let you see any networks in the area and manually choose the one you want to connect to.

Click here for more instructions.

Can I use my modem while roaming?

Broadband modems aren't set up to roam by default so if you want to use your modem while roaming you'll need to contact us first.

You can't use the data that comes with your plan while roaming so you should review the roaming rates before you travel so you're aware of the costs.