EU Data Pass

Get 50MB of data for just €2 (€1.62 ex VAT)

Check your emails, review the best restaurants, browse the internet or find your way home after a long day… stay connected with an EU daily data pass for just €2 (€1.62 ex VAT)

  • With an EU Data Pass, you’ll only be charged the days you use data on your phone. That means access to 50MB of data anywhere across the EU for just €2 (€1.62 ex VAT) per day.
  • We’ll let you know if you’re getting close to 50MB usage; each MB after that costs just 24.6c (inc VAT)
* We’ll text you once the pass has been applied (may take up to 2 working days).

* Terms & Conditions apply.


What can I get for my 50MB a day?

Using 50MB in one day is harder than you think!
Did you know you can do ALL the following in one day for less than 50 MB?


  • 30 emails without attachments

  • 30 emails with attachments

  • 30 webpage views

  • 30 minutes music streaming

  • 20 social media updates

  • 15 minutes navigation

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Frequently asked questions

How does the EU daily data bundle work?

Once the EU daily data bundle has been applied to your account (by texting ‘EUPASS’ to 50202), it will remain on your account, unless you choose to remove it. When travelling within the EU, you can then access the bundle rates without having to do anything more. And you’ll only be charged on the days you use data while roaming in the EU.

What is the Bill Pay Data Roaming Cap?

The spend cap on data roaming offers you control over data roaming charges by capping your data spend on your O2 mobile service.

This ensures you can avoid a data roaming bill that is higher than you expect.

You can decide if you want to spend more than the value of the spend cap which is set at €61.50 per bill cycle including VAT

Click here for more information.

Where does the Data Roaming Cap apply?

The Data Roaming Cap will work in all countries Worldwide.

Can I remove Data Roaming Cap?

You can choose to remove the spend caps facility by contacting us.

If you choose to remove the facility you will not receive further notifications or capping. We generally recommend that you keep the spend cap in place to avoid incurring unexpected, uncontrolled/automatic downloads or inadvertent data roaming charges.

At any time you can choose to reinstate the cap free of charge without condition or restriction.

How do I check my data usage while roaming?

You can track your usage by logging in to the My Account.

Prepay customers can click Recent Calls to see all calls made in the last 30 days.

Bill Pay customers can click on Details Since Last Bill and then Unbilled Usage.

You can filter by Roaming to see any calls or data usage while roaming.