Johnny’s diary

Michael O’Leary came in and spoke to us during the week and I found it very interesting and enjoyable. He is somebody who polarises opinion in terms of how people regard him but I found his talk to be thought provoking and very funny at times. He gave us an insight into Ryanair and how he operates in terms of generating publicity. Read more

I’ve got through a great week’s training having had to take it relatively easy for the previous seven days. As a team we got through a huge amount of work and it’s been our best week together. We got a … Read more

The decision to cancel the Captain’s Run in Stade de France means that I won’t get a chance to practice place-kicking in the stadium ahead of the game. I played about 20 minutes of the last match between France and Ireland there two years ago but didn’t take a place kick in the time I was on the field. I don’t see it as a huge issue. Read more

The Welsh match was pretty tough to take, not least losing to that last minute penalty. We had put ourselves in a position to win the game. In matches like that the boost you get from winning ugly can be hugely beneficial because you acknowledge the element of good fortune but know that there is so much to improve on. Unfortunately we didn’t secure the result. Read more

It’s been a case taking things relatively easy this week, conscientiously rehabbing my ankle, which curtailed a desire to take part in last Tuesday’s golf lesson and also any table tennis. The last time I was able to take part in a non rugby based activity was last week when the squad went clay pigeon shooting. Read more

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