Wholesale & Premium Messaging Connection to the O2 Network

What is O2’s Wholesale Messaging?

A wholesale Text Messaging connection enables you to send and receive SMS messages. O2’s wholesale customers can receive text messages from O2 customers while they can send to any mobile subscriber in Ireland or to any international subscriber (where the Network Operator has an agreement with O2). Once connected wholesale customers can send messages in bulk and they can also offer premium Messaging services.

How does it work?


  • You select a pricepoint and shortcode and we set it up on our network.
  • You can then send or receive messages over the O2 network using this shortcode and we will bill the customer (via their monthly bill or prepay credit).
  • We share the revenue with you.

Bulk/Volume Text messages

  • You submit your volume messages to us and we deliver them over the O2 network.
  • We bill you for each message.

What Can I Do?

  • Generate revenue from your content via Premium Text - from wallpapers, realtones, polys, ringtones, logos, chat and dating services, to news, weather and share price alerts, and many others
  • Allow customers to request services via a shortcode
  • Text message voting
  • Interact with your employees or customers e.g. marketing campaigns

What do I need?

  • A VPN connection to the O2 Messaging Centre (over the Internet)
  • Software compliant with SMPP V3.3 or SMPP V3.4
  • Contract with O2 for the provision of premium and volume messaging services

What does it cost?

For details of cost please email us.

Shortcodes & Revenue Share

Shortcodes are administered and can be obtained by ComReg. Premium Services are regulated by RegTel and your premium services must have RegTel approval. Once you have your shortcode and approval (if premium), we will provision the shortcode on the O2 network.

For details on revenue share, please email us.

How long does it take to set up?

It usually takes up to 25 working days from receipt of your completed application form to set up your wholesale & premium connection.

For further information, please email us.