Getting started

O2 USB Modem

Buying O2 Broadband

Before you buy you first need to check the coverage in your area. Our online coverage map will give you an indication of where we have the service today.

To order your USB Modem or router contact our dedicated business team on 1850 200 741 or your O2 Account Manager.

View Broadband coverage maps

Getting set up with the O2 USB Modem

Computer requirements:
- A computer with a live USB port
- Windows 2000, XP or Vista or Apple Mac OS 10 or higher operating system

Steps of getting started

Step 1.
Insert the 3G SIM card, that came with your O2 Broadband, into the modem

Step 2.
Power on your laptop or PC.

Step 3.
Insert the larger end of the short USB cable (included in your pack) into the USB port of your laptop or PC. A green light should flash on the modem which indicates the modem has powered on

Step 4.
Double click the icon of the application which has installed automatically on your desktop. (Mobile Connect desktop manager)

You will be asked for your SIM PIN code (SIM PIN1). This is included in your 3G SIM card letter. Enter the SIM PIN code and select OK. When the PIN code is accepted you can now use the Mobile Connect desktop Manager.

  • Your Mac software
Download here
  • Your Mac software installation instructions
DownloadInstallation instructions
PDF | 82KB | Requires Acrobat Reader
  • Your Mac O2 Connect User Guide
DownloadMac User Guide
PDF | 665KB | Requires Acrobat Reader


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