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O2 Broadband?

What is O2 Broadband?

O2 Broadband is a new service from O2 which will give you broadband internet access on the move using our practical USB Modem. If you have a laptop, PC or Mac just plug in the USB modem into your USB port to connect.

Do I need a landline to use this service?

No landline is required to get O2 Broadband. You just need your computer and the modem to get started.

What’s in the box?

  • The O2 Broadband modem
  • The set up guide
  • Two USB cables - A single USB connection cable - A double USB connection cable. The double connector should only be used if your PC/Laptop has insufficient power for the modem. Plug in both USB connectors into your PC/Laptop to increase the power supply.

A velcro strip that can be used to stick the USB modem to the side of a laptop or PC for easy portability.

The network coverage

What is the actual O2 coverage ?

Check the coverage using our O2 Broadband Coverage Map.

What happens if I move in and out of O2 Broadband coverage area?

The USB Modem will automatically connect to the available 3G or GPRS/EDGE networks until the next O2 Broadband network is available. The switch between networks is seamless.

Usage allowance

How much can I download and upload?

With our O2 Clear Broadband price plans you get either 5GB, 7.5GB or 10GB usage allowance depending on your plan. Usage is calculated in Megabytes (MB) and Gigabytes (GB) -where 1GB equals 1,000MB. As an example a typical music track is 5MB, and a 2 hour DVD quality film is 1GB. Uploading to the Internet (eg. sending photos and emails) also counts towards your allowance.

If I go over my usage allowance?

If you are on any of our O2 Clear Broadband plans you will pay 2c overage for each MB downloaded outside your usage allowance. If you are on our older plans i.e. ‘Broadband on the Move’ or ‘Broadband out and about’ and go over your usage allowance then O2 can implement the Fair Usage Policy. Please see below.

Fair Usage policy?

The Fair Usage policy for O2 'Broadband on the Move' is designed to ensure customers have a good broadband experience. The policy enables O2 to manage excessive use by individual customers as this can impact the general speed and reliability of the Broadband service. The fair usage threshold/limit for O2 Broadband customers is 10GB per month. If you exceed this threshold/limit then O2 reserve the right to introduce an excess usage charge of 10c per MB. We will notify you in advance as to when the excess usage charge will be applied. If you then continue to exceed the fair usage threshold then O2 reserve the right to modify, suspend or terminate your service.

How will I know if I’ve gone over my usage allowance?

You can check your usage regularly on o2.ie in ‘My Account’. Go to the section ‘Details since last bill’ and your usage will be dated and labelled as Broadband.

Using for My Account to view your internet usage
If you have already registered for o2.ie then login and access My account

Registering for My Account

  • Once you have connected your O2 USB modem the application ‘Mobile Connection Manager’ will install on your desktop.
  • Log onto o2.ie and select register from the homepage Enter the mobile number of the Sim in your USB modem. (You will find this on the documentation that you received with the SIM.)
  • Your verification code will be sent to the Mobile Connection manager.
  • Click the SMS icon to open retrieve the verification code.
  • Return to the registration page and enter your verification code and proceed with the remaining questions.
  • Once you are registered go to My account

Parental Control

The SIM PIN can be disabled but parents may want to keep it to act as a parental control measure. O2 as a company recommend the use of an application to manage parental control.

O2 USB Modem

Is the USB Modem network locked?

Yes. A network locked device does not work outside the O2 network.

Can I share my O2 Connection with another laptop?

No, but you can transfer your connection from laptop to laptop.

Will phone cover ensure the USB?

Yes, Phonecover insurance is available to all O2 customers through Zurich. You can insure yourself against the loss, theft and damage of your O2 USB Modem. See more details on Phonecover Insurance

Why do I need a 3G sim?

To use O2 Broadband you will need a 3G SIM. A 3G SIM is issued for free when you buy the USB Modem, the SIM is then activated for you to slot into the USB.

Where can I buy the O2 USB modem

To purchase the O2 USB modem, visit any O2 Store. Use our store locator to find your nearest outlet

If you are a business, contact our dedicated business team on 1850 200 741 or your O2 Account Manager

O2 Store locator

How do I connect my USB modem to my desktop computer

Step 1. Insert the 3G SIM card, that came with your O2 Broadband, into the modem

Step 2. Power on your laptop or PC.

Step 3. Insert the larger end of the short USB cable (included in your pack) into the USB port of your laptop or PC. A green light should flash on the modem which indicates the modem has powered on

Step 4. Double click the icon ‘Connection Manager’ which has installed automatically on your desktop.

You will be asked for your SIM PIN code (SIM PIN1). This is included in your 3G SIM card letter. Enter the SIM PIN code and select OK. When the PIN code is accepted you can now use the Mobile Connect desktop Manager.

Computer requirements

What OS (Operating system) is the O2 USB Modem compatible with?

Windows 2000, XP or Vista or Apple Mac OSX10

Does my computer meet the minimum specifications for O2 Broadband?

PC (laptop or desktop)
Central processing unit (CPU): Pentium 4, 1 GHz or above
Memory: 128 MB RAM or above
Hard disk: 50 MB or above
Operating system (OS): Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows Vista
1 or 2 available Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports
Display resolution: 800 x 600 or above (1024 x 768 recommended)
Mac (laptop or desktop)
Central processing unit (CPU): Pentium 4, 1 GHz or above
Memory: 128 MB RAM or above
Hard disk: 50 MB or above
Operating system (OS): Mac OSX10
1 or 2 available Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports
Display resolution: 800 x 600 or above (1024 x 768 recommended)

Installation & Troubleshooting

The modem seems not to work properly. What can I do?

If your modem does not work check this steps:

  • Try to connect the USB Modem to your laptop using the long cable in the package. There are 2 reasons for the extra cable. The 1st is to optimize reception. Very often a computer may be under a table and the reception may not be good. So the longer cable allows you to put the modem on a window shelf for better reception. The 2nd reason is power. Older laptops may not supply enough power through the normal USB cable. The O2 broadband cable has 2 USB connectors allowing users to connect to 2 USB ports to provide the power needed for the USB modem to work properly and maximise signal quality.
  • Try to uninstall any previous USB modem software as this may cause hardware conflicts.

What if the Install Wizard does not automatically start?

If the installation wizard does not automatically start, simply open Windows Explorer
(Start>Programs>Accessories>Windows Explorer), browse to the Mobile Connect drive (E: or F:) and double-click on Autorun.exe. Your computer might be set up such that ‘My computer’ folder is on the desktop, if so select ‘My Computer’ and browse to Mobile Connect drive (E:F) as above

What if the short cable does not work?

If the short cable does not work there will not be a flashing green light on the face of the modem. You will need to use the double ended cable by inserting the two larger ends into two available USB ports.

Make sure that the O2 USB Modem is in coverage and has a network signal this can be checked on the desktop software

Check that the O2 SIM card is correctly inserted to the modem

Returns Policy

O2 Broadband Returns Policy

We are confident you will be happy with the O2 Broadband service however, if you are unhappy with the service you can return it within 7 days. You may cancel your contract without penalty within the first 7 days of connection.
O2 will refund the USB modem cost and refund any charges for monthly broadband rental. Any additional charges including excess data usage, charges relating to voice, text and roaming will not be refunded.

Equipment faults

If your O2 Broadband modem becomes faulty within the first 30 days of purchase, then you are entitled to a new replacement modem. You can return the modem to the O2 online store by Freepost at the below address for a replacement. If after 30 days your O2 Broadband modem becomes faulty you can return it to the O2 online store by Freepost (see address below) or visit your local O2 Retail store, provided the fault is not excluded under the terms of the warranty. The modem will be sent for repair.

Before you return your modem have you checked the following?

O2 Broadband modem Help & Support

Contact Customer care with any O2 Broadband, Data Support & Technical Queries

From an O2 mobile1740 (19c per call)

From a landline1850 60 1740 (31c per call)

E-mail: Contact us e-mail form

Bought Online or in Customer Care, where do I return my Broadband modem?

If you bought your Broadband modem through Customer Care or Online at o2.ie you can return it freepost to the address below.

O2 Online Returns
Bray 50
Co. Wicklow

O2 strongly advise customers to request a receipt from the Post Office. Please note that you will not be entitled to a refund or replacement if the O2 Broadband modem has been either customer or water damaged. Customer damaged is where a fault has been caused by a use inconsistent or contrary to guidelines or manufacturer's user booklet provided with your purchase. If you have a query regarding returning your purchase by freepost please email customercare@rci.ie

Bought in an O2 retail store, where do I return my Broadband modem?

If you bought the Modem in an O2 Retail store then you can return it to any of our O2 Retail stores

Find your nearest O2 Store

Please repack the O2 Broadband modem in the original packaging including your receipt as proof of purchase and the Broadband returns form indicating if you want a replacement or refund (only applies within first 30 days) or a repair (faulty after 30 days).

Registering for o2.ie & viewing your Broadband usage online

Register your USB on O2.ie

Simply register your new Broadband number on O2.ie and login to My Account.

O2 recommends that you register your data Sim on O2.ie to track your usage through My Account. Click here to register.

  • When you have set your USB modem up the below interface will be open on your desktop.
  • Enter the mobile number of the Sim in your USB modem (you will find this on the documentation that you received with the SIM).
  • Your verification code will be sent to the Mobile Connection interface.
  • Click the SMS icon to open and retrieve the verification code.
Mobile Connect screenshot

  • On the O2.ie Registration page fill in your details – password, security question and email address and hit submit.

Already registered on O2.ie? Track your usage

Now that you are registered select My Account from the My O2 drop down menu.

If you are a Pay monthly customer, your new broadband details will be displayed automatically. Your mobile and Broadband details all in one bill!


Can I use my USB modem while roaming?

If you subscribed to the USB modem before November 29th 2007 and have previously used it while abroad you can use it while roaming but the speed you get will depend on the speed offered by the network you are roaming on. New Broadband Modem customers subscribing to O2 after November 29th 2007 and all other O2 Broadband Modem customers who have never previously used their modem abroad cannot automatically use data services while roaming (including in Northern Ireland). If you would like to be set up for roaming you're your broadband modem, please contact our Customer Care team. Please bear in mind that roaming costs are an additional charge to your monthly broadband subscription. Pease refer to the data roaming charges.

How will I be charged while roaming

The 3G/GPRS rates charged while roaming will be set as per the roaming operator. Please refer to the data roaming charges specific to your destination.

How are the data roaming charges calculated?

You will be billed per MB while roaming and the cost per MB will be set by the roaming operator.

If your query is not listed please contact us.