Data Roaming CAP

What is a Data Roaming CAP?

The data roaming CAP is an EU regulated cost control service on individual user devices which can help in avoiding a data roaming bill that may be higher than your expectation.

How does the Data roaming CAP work?

The data roaming CAP is applied to each connection with a limit of €50 (Ex Vat) for a billing month. If an end user goes abroad and uses the internet on their handset, Smart-phone or Mobile broadband, we’ll keep a count of the data that they have used in that month. When they reach the €50 spend limit, they will be sent a text notification to advise that they’ve reached the monthly limit. They will be given an option to opt out by sending a free text to 50202 with keyword REMCAP to continue using the internet. If they choose not to opt out, the data service will be restricted to ensure that they are charged no more than €50 for data roaming in one month.

When you opt out you will always receive a text notification to advise that you have been opted out from the CAP.

If they do not opt out, the data roaming service will continue to be restricted until the beginning of their next billing period. At the start of the next billing month, they will again be allowed to use €50 worth of roaming data in their billing period.

How do I get the Data roaming CAP?

If your users are not signed up to a Data roaming bundle, the CAP has been applied to individual connections from the 1st July 2010.

How do I opt out of the Data roaming CAP?

  • You can call your account manager to remove the CAP for your end user connections prior to your next trip abroad. This will ensure that your users are never restricted from using data abroad.
  • If an opted in end user does happen to spend €50 of roaming data in a month they will receive a text message to advise that they have reached the €50 limit. At the time they receive the warning text, they then need to send a free text to 50202 with the keyword REMCAP within one hour to ensure that they are not restricted from the Internet. They will be notified again by text that their opt out request has been successful.

Important: if your end users roam regularly and their individual Internet usage sometimes exceeds a €50 data roaming bill, then the Data CAP may affect their data roaming experience, so calling your account manager to opt out of the Data CAP is recommended.

What is the tariff for the Data roaming CAP?

The tariff for the data roaming CAP is our daily data roaming tariff. As well as being able to enjoy the use of free daily data when the daily chargeable data has been used, the CAP will give extra protection so that your users won’t spend more than €50 on roaming data in one month. See the daily rate tariff here.

Terms and conditions

  • The CAP is only applicable for usage in EU countries (excluding Ireland).
  • The CAP is applicable for roaming data usage only (Voice & SMS usage is not included in the CAP).
  • The CAP is only available to O2 Ireland Postpaid customers only.
  • The CAP is not available if a data roaming bundle applied to your account.
  • The CAP is not available if you are a Wholesale data partner or are using a Corporate APN.
  • There is no subscription charge for the CAP and no sundry charges will occur as a result of having the CAP applied.
  • Users will only be charged for the usage that is accumulated on the daily data roaming tariff and the free daily usage on the standard tariff is not affected.
  • The CAP can be applied to one connection only and cannot be shared with multiple connections.
  • The CAP limit of €50 is exclusive of VAT.
  • If the €50 limit is reached, the user will be notified by text that you have reached the limit. In order to have a continuation of internet service, the user will need to send an opt out text to short-code 50202 with keyword REMCAP within one hour. If the user does not respond within the hour the service may be restricted.
  • If an opt out text request is received after the one hour warning window, it will take approximately one hour to resume the internet service and the user will be notified by text when the service is resumed.
  • If the data roaming service is restricted in a billing period, it will be reinstated at the beginning of the user's next billing period or if the user has chosen to opt out of the CAP.
  • If the user has not been restricted from using data, the CAP can be removed on request to your account manager at any time and will be removed immediately.
  • Domestic Voice, SMS & Data and Roaming Voice and SMS will not be affected if the €50 data roaming CAP is reached.
  • O2 reserves the right to modify the Data CAP product and notify active customers of the changes that have been made.
  • This proposition is for a promotional period only and will expire by the 30th August 2010. At this time O2 will notify customers of any changes.