New EU roaming regulation

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What is the EU regulation?

This means that roaming rates across the EU are being aligned, resulting in the introduction of new rates.

The new retail rates are 39c ex. VAT for making a call back to Ireland or anywhere in the EU and 15c ex. VAT for receiving a call. See table below for full details and comparisons. An SMS sent from any EU country will cost 11c ex. VAT. Internet (data) pricing is not affected by this regulation.

What does it mean for O2 customers?

All Business customers who haven't previously signed up for our existing O2 Travel rates will automatically avail of the new EU rates from July 1st 2010. Customers are not required to register or contact Customer Care.

If you are currently on the O2 Travel rates, you have the option to stay on this or move to the new EU rates. The grid below outlines the differences between the two. You will remain on O2 Travel unless you inform O2 that you would like to switch to the new EU Rates.

What's the difference between the O2 Travel & EU rates?

With the new EU rates you can make calls anywhere within the EU for 39c ex. VAT per minute and receive calls for 15c ex. VAT per minute. See full list below for countries covered.

With our O2 Travel rates, you can call home to Ireland from 79 countries for 18c per minute, plus a connection charge of 65c or 90c, depending on what part of the world you're calling from.

To receive a call all you pay is the connection charge and not a cent more. See full list below for countries details.

What do I do if I want to change from the EU Rates to O2 Travel?

If you'd prefer to switch to O2 Travel then freetext "TRAVEL" to 50202 and we'll look after the rest.

Can I receive the EU rates and remain on the All Ireland & UK add on too?

Yes, any customer who is currently subscribed to the following add ons will continue to remain on these plans.

  • Postpaid All Ireland
  • UK Roaming

Do I have to select certain networks?

No the EU rates are applicable on all EU networks

The following call types are included under the EU rates:

- Calls back to Ireland
- Calls within roamed country or to any other country within the EU
- Calls received
- Calls to non EU destinations are NOT included and these calls will be charged the standard roaming costs in the country of your destination. Please check the roaming country pages in the travelling abroad section for specific rates

New EU rates - Ex VAT

Calls back to Ireland Calls within in the EU Calls received
39c 39c 15c
UK** Spain France Italy Portugal
Poland Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus
Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland Germany
Greece Hungary Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
Malta Netherlands Romania Slovakia Slovenia
Sweden French West Indies La Reunion

You might like to compare this table with our O2 Travel Rates.

** If customers are subscribed to either Postpaid All Irelands or the O2-UK rates, then they will receive the applicable rate as per these rate plans. In all case the rates on these plans are below the EU rates so the customer will benefit.

Terms & Conditions

- Rates apply from 1st July 2010 to all Business Customers.
- Rates apply to voice calls only and to all calls made or received from any mobile or landline.
- Tariffs shown are in Euros per minute and are Exclusive of VAT.
- For all EU calls made when roaming, the first 30 seconds of a call will be charged, then per second billing applies.
- For all calls received when roaming per second billing applies.
- If you have availed of the O2 Travel or My Europe tariff, the EU rates are not applicable to you.
- See Full International roaming T&C's here