In-flight roaming charges

You can now use your Mobile in the Sky with In Flight Roaming

What is it?

In Flight roaming is a new service in where some airlines now have Mobile Phone transmitters fitted onto their aircraft. This technology means that Mobile phones can now be used on flights (where the airlines support it).

How does it work?

An aircraft installed with a mobile phone transmitter can relay calls to and from mobile phones and these calls are routed by satellites. The satellites route the calls to and from terrestrial networks, thus connecting the mobile calls to telecom networks on the ground.

How do I use it?

As is currently, you will be instructed by the crew on the ground to ensure that your phones are switched off before departure. You will only be able to use the service when the aircraft is airborne and has reached a cruising altitude. You will then either be informed by the crew, or a Mobile phone light in the panel above your seat, that you are now permitted you to use your phone.

All Voice, data & SMS use is possible, but some services (such as voice calls) may be prohibited by the Airline. If all services are permitted by the airline, in some cases the airline may limit Voice use to a small number of passengers at any one time. This is to reduce cabin noise.

How much does it cost?

As this is a new technology and there are a number of commercial organisations involved to provide the service, the costs are charged at a premium service.

  Cost - ex VAT Unit
To make a Call costs €1.82 Per minute
To receive a Call costs €1.82 Per minute
To send an SMS costs 32c Per message
To receive an SMS costs Free Per message
Use Data (Blackberry, MBB) costs €8.19 per MB up to 3MB Per Kilobyte**
Data charges when more than 3MB is used in a day Free Per Kilobyte


  • O2 Ireland provides the connection to the service for In Flight Roaming and are not responsible for the availability of the service on particular airlines. The availability on aircraft will be managed by airlines.
  • These tariffs are guidelines only. Tariffs are set by the roaming partners, with an O2 Mark up applied.
  • Tariffs are subject to change at the discretion of the roaming partners and may also be subject to fluctuation in foreign exchange rates
  • Voice calls are in per minute increments. (e.g a call of 61 seconds will be charged the duration of a 2 minute call).
  • Any data usage over 3MBs upto 50MBs in a day is free.
  • **Any data over 50MBs used is charged the same rate as the initial per MB charge.
  • Data supported is 2G speed (EDGE & HSPDA is currently not available).
  • O2 Ireland provides the connection to the service for In Flight Roaming and are not responsible for the level of services that are permitted on a particular aircraft, where the aircraft supports In Flight roaming.
  • The services permitted are at the discretion of the airline.
  • The full service is available to O2 Ireland Postpaid customers only.
  • Prepaid customers will be able to send/receive SMS and receive calls only.


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