Fax minder

Get your important faxes on the move. With Fax minder you can receive and store faxes in your O2 voicemail mailbox. We will alert you immediately by text when new fax messages arrive and you can then print them out on the nearest fax machine when it is convenient for you.

You can store up to 20 faxes. Each fax can be up to 5 pages long.

Your fax number

Your fax number is your mobile number with “5” after the prefix
E.g. mobile: 086 1234567
Fax number: 086 5 1234567

To print faxes out dial 171 as you normally would when checking your voicemail and then follow the prompts to forward your fax onto a fax machine.

Step 1 Dial 171. You will hear a voice stating how many fax messages you have.
Step 2 Press 3 to transfer the fax to a regular fax machine.
Step 3 Enter the number of the fax machine (including the area code) and press #.

Your fax will then be printed.

How much does it cost?

You will be charged at your price plan rate for calling voicemail, for the length of time that it takes to call your voicemail and to send the fax to your nearest fax machine.