Group Worker

You shouldn't mix business with pleasure, they say, so Group worker lets your employees with company mobiles have a personal mobile account.

You pay for the business calls, while your employee pays for their own calls using a personal pre-paid account. No need to have two phones as they can use the same phone and the same number. This can mean significant savings on calls within your business plus your employees benefit from low rates on their personal account.

Group worker is a free service, available to all O2 Business customers and the latest features make it even easier to use and implement.

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Group Worker Help

For Employers:

Download Mobile Administrator User Guide
PDF | 995kB | Requires Acrobat Reader
Download Group worker Product brochure
PDF | 65kB | Requires Acrobat Reader

For Employees:

Download Prepay Call Costs
PDF | 7kB | Requires Acrobat Reader
Download Group worker End User Guide
PDF | 1,262kB | Requires Acrobat Reader

Case Studies

Download Liffey Development
PDF | 46.4kB | Requires Acrobat Reader

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