Manage your calls

Call waiting

If you are in the middle of a call, Call waiting gives you a beeping signal to let you know that another call is coming in.

  • To ignore an incoming call, just ignore the beep
  • To end your current call and take the new one, press 1 and Green phone icon
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Call hold

  • To put your current call on hold and accept a waiting call, just press 2 and Green phone icon
  • To go back to the call on hold, press 2 and Green phone icon
  • To disconnect a call on hold, press 0 and Green phone icon

Please note that some phones will highlight these options for you automatically.

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Call divert

You normally have your missed calls diverted to your Voicemail, but you can have your calls diverted to another number of your choice. To set up a call divert, first decide which calls you want diverted and then type the relevant instructions below into the main screen of your phone and press the 'send' / 'call' button.

  • To divert all of your calls: ** 21 * divert number #. (Please note that your phone will not ring when you choose this option).
  • To divert all calls when not reachable (phone off): ** 62 * divert number #.
  • To divert all calls when you are busy (on another call): ** 67 * divert number #.
  • To divert all calls which you don't pick up (mobile is ringing out): ** 61 * divert number #.
  • 3 in 1 divert (phone turned off, on another call or ringing out): ** 004 * divert number #

To cancel a divert option press ##002# and then the "send" / "call" button.

There is no charge for diverting calls to O2 Voicemail, although you will pay your standard call costs for diverting calls to other numbers.

Please note that Speak easy customers can only divert to voicemail and not to another number.

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Call return

Wish you could call someone back as soon as you hear their voicemail? With Call return, you can do this without leaving your voicemail. You don't even have to dial their number, we'll put you straight through.

To return a call, simply dial '22 #' while you are listening to the message.

To get back to voicemail at the end of the call, dial **

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Leaving voice messages

You can dial directly into someone's O2 voicemail mailbox number if you wish to leave them a voicemail without disturbing them.

Your mailbox number is your mobile number with 5 after the prefix. For example for mobile number 086 1234567 the mailbox number would be: 086 5 1234567.

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Call barring

It is possible to bar certain types of calls on your phone so that you can control your spending. If you would like to bar international or premium numbers from your phone please contact Customer care who will be happy to assist you.