Ensure that you never miss that important call with our Voicemail service. Find out how to get started, manage your voicemail messages, change your greeting and more.

Getting started

Voicemail is automatically set up for you when you become an O2 Pay monthly customer. Speak easy prepay customers just need to dial 171 to activate their voicemail service. All your missed calls (for example, if your phone is turned off, or you are on another call or your phone rings out) will normally be diverted to your Voicemail; you will then be notified by text when you have received a new message.

To retrieve your messages just dial 171 from your mobile, or press the button with the symbol if there is one. If you would like a guide on how to use voicemail, press 888.

Managing your voicemail messages

Handy hints
To delete a message Press 5
To replay a message Press 11
To fast forward eight seconds Press 3
To end message Press 33
To rewind eight seconds Press 1
To pause/resume Press 7
To return a call Press 22

All played messages will be deleted automatically after 7 days, and any un-played messages will be deleted automatically after 15 days.

Accessing messages from a landline; Voicemail messages can be accessed from a landline phone by dialling your mailbox number. Your mailbox number is explained below. Once you are connected, interrupt your personal greeting by pressing #. Then enter your personal password followed by #.

Your mailbox number is your mobile number with 5 after the prefix. For example, for mobile number 086 1234567 the mailbox number would be: 086 5 1234567.

Your personal password is initially set at 0000. You can change it to another number by dialling 173. We advise you to do this so that no one else can listen to your personal messages.

Accessing messages from abroad; The method for picking up voicemail messages when you are abroad differs depending on the country that you are in. You can either dial 171 directly from your phone or dial into your mailbox as described above. To find out the method to be used in the country that you are visiting, just go to the travelling abroad section of o2.ie, select the country you plan to visit and we’ll tell you how to pick up your messages.

How much does it cost?

For Pay monthly customers on the new Life plans, it costs 15c per minute to retrieve your messages in Ireland after you have used up all of your inclusive minutes. For Speakeasy customers it costs 15c per minute Monday to Friday and 12c per minute at weekends.

If you are calling your Voicemail from overseas charges will vary depending on the country. See the Travelling abroad section for more details.

To remove your Voicemail service

Dial 1909 from your mobile and then follow the prompts.

Please note that the rates below will apply effective Wednesday 12th September 2007 for Speakeasy customers using O2 Voicemail Call Return.

O2 Experience Call Return Rates
6pm - 8am
Mon - Fri
8am - 6pm
Mon - Fri
Calls to O2 63c 15c 12c per min
Calls to Irish Landlines 63c 15c 12c per min
Calls to other Irish Mobiles 63c 15c 12c per min
International Call Return Rates
Calls to UK 95c per min
Calls to EU Countries €1.27 per min
Calls to Rest of Europe €1.90 per min
Calls to Rest of World (excluding Satellite and Skyphone calls) €1.90 per min

All charges are inclusive of VAT @ 21%

All charges are shown per minute but billed per second unless otherwise stated