3G data card tariffs

O2's 3G/GPRS pricing options help you choose a plan to suit your needs. To get set up on the plans below please contact our dedicated Business Team on 1800 2000 16 or email business@o2.ie

Price Plans

If you are a 'light' or infrequent user, you can choose our tiered pay-as-you-use tariff. There is no need to pay a monthly charge
MB's downloaded Cost per MB
0 - 10 €1.75
11 - 25 €1.50
> 25 €1.25
If you are a 'heavy' or frequent user, this pay monthly plan is for you.
MB's downloaded Monthly charge per user
2GB* €40

*Please note, once the 2GB limit has been reached, a charge of €0.75 will apply for each additional MB downloaded.

How much is 1 MB?

1MB = approximately:

  • 300 text emails (no attachments), or
  • 25 internet page views from a laptop (varies according to page size)

Terms and Conditions:

  • All prices quoted above exclude VAT
  • Tariffs are rounded to 2 decimal places for information purposes
  • GPRS data charges are shown per MB and billed per kb, with 1kb minimum charge per data session