Topping Up abroad with O2

O2 Top Up Online, even when Abroad!

If you're worried about running out of credit when away from Ireland, there are a number of ways to top up. If you're with O2, top up online, using your mobile, or use text top ups.

O2 Top Up Online at

To top up abroad, simply log on to You'll need to register your credit or laser card details to get started.

Or, if you're not beside a computer on your trip abroad or don't have your details registered, a friend or family member could top up your phone using online top up by registering their own details instead.

Mobile Top Up Abroad

If you're not next to the computer, but need to add credit to your mobile; O2's made topping up abroad easy. Simply top up through your mobile! All you need to do is register your laser or credit card with O2 by calling 1741, or by entering your details online (if you haven't already done so).

Once registered, you can top up abroad anytime by calling 1741 for free or by sending a text to * 104 * Top Up Amount*Your access code#

Alternatively, you can top up abroad without any registration required, by calling our 1749 service for free, wherever you are! Just have your credit or laser card details ready and follow the prompts.

Text Top Up Abroad

If you're not looking to call an O2 representative, you can also top up abroad with a text message!

If you're an AIB customer and registered with AIB's 24 hour Banking, you can top up while on holiday by texting TOPUP to 50131. Your mobile will be credited from your bank account.

If you're a Bank of Ireland customer and are registered for Bank of Ireland's text top up, you can top up abroad by texting TU 20 to 50365 (to top up by €20) or TU 30 to 50365 (to top up by €30) etc.