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Using a credit card / laser card

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How to register your card

To register your details with us for credit or laser card top up just call 1749 or enter them online at You will be given a five digit access code which needs to be used each time you top up to ensure that your transaction is secure.

Register details online

Registered already but forgotten your access code? You can retrieve your access code online from the My details section.

Retrieve access code

How to top up

Type *104*Top up amount*Your access code#

E.g. *104*20*12345#. Where the amount you wish to top up by is €20 and your access code is 12345.

We will then confirm the transaction and top up your Speak easy balance. You will receive a confirmation message to let you know when you're topped up. There is no cost involved. You can also top up in this way whilst travelling abroad.

Using your Bank of Ireland account

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How to register

Register your mobile number, or additional numbers, at any Bank of Ireland 365 Cash machine displaying the O2 logo. Select "Services" - then "Other Services" - and follow the simple instructions on screen. Then key in the number you wish to register (twice for confirmation). You will then receive a PIN direct to your mobile. You will be asked for 2 random digits from this PIN every time you top up.

How to Top up

  • To Top up by €10 send TU 10 to 50365 or TU 20 to Top up by €20, etc. It's free to send.
    Please leave a space between 'TU' and the amount you wish to Top up by.
  • You will get a reply asking for 2 specific digits of your PIN.
  • Text the 2 digits back to 50365, leaving a space between each digit.
  • The credit will then be applied to your phone and your bank account debited.
  • To Top up registered additional phones simply include the number of the mobile you wish to Top up, e.g. TU 10 086012345

Using your Allied Irish Bank account

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How to register

Text top up allows AIB Phone and Internet banking customers to Top up any prepaid mobile phone using text messaging. In order to use this service customers must be registered for AIB internet banking. If you are not already registered it is easy to do so.

AIB Internet Banking (opens in a new window)

Once you have registered with Internet banking, you must register your mobile phone details at banking, by selecting the Text Services option from the mobile services menu.

Further information on AIB Text top up

How to Top up

It's simple, just text the word TOPUP to 50131 and wait for a reply text message. These texts are free, so you can top up even when you have no credit. It even works when you are overseas.